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CBD, Love and Aphrodisiac Elixirs, Sexual Energy Work, Tea, Discussion... *Exclusive to Baltimore explore the intersection of sexuality, spirituality and tools from the earth that are available for our journey.

Orgasmic Day Away - GA

Saturday September 14th Nudist/Clothing Optional Spa Resort Experience

Private Coaching Sessions

Schedule Yourself for an Introductory Call or Your First Virtual Session. No matter who you are or your history; whether you are a new couple or polycule, open or monogamous relationships, recovering from a trauma, challenges loving yourself, understanding & using your sexual energy to deepen connection can assist you in reclaiming yourself and what you are creating.


Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


Orgasm is the most powerful method to transmuting our thoughts into their physical equivalent. However, one must first relearn what orgasm is and hone their own sexual energy to begin this freedom journey. Nikki utilizes this and many other techniques in her practice.

Herbal Connections

In exploring a deeper connection to sexual energy and our natural sexual Self, connection to the planet will at some point or another come up. Sexual Energy works with our laws of nature. TTE will suggest various herbs and elixirs to integrate with your sexual and spiritual practices. Feel Free to Explore.

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  • Ghetto-Gasms to God-Gasms



    Are women religiously suppressed in present times?  Are women truly acknowledged as reflections of the divine feminine?
    Sacred Sexual Wellness. Body & Soul Care.
    Nikki Morgan is a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Reiki Practitioner and Sexual Shaman. She is the founder of the […]

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  • NewYork Post Features Nikki Morgan and the Touchless Orgasm

    New York Post featured Touchless Orgasm and I on their early rising video content offer.  The experience was interesting, fun, eye opening and was done on National Orgasm Day. My interviewers did not have much experience with women’s orgasms orgasms […]

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  • Viceland’s DESUS & MERO Shout out Touchless Orgasms

    #ShoutOut to having #TouchlessOrgasms. These Guys are Hillarious.. To watch the full show click the image above.
    I did have some reply commentary below…

    Some of might wonder, what are they good for… This year I’m just gonna shower you with energetic Womb hugs. […]

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  • I Ovary Acted…

    No.  You didn’t. Our #Mooncycles are much more than just shedding ourselves or internal walls and unfertilized eggs each month. It is also a time where your raw #creatorenergy is most potent for transmutation.  Your womb has its own consciousness and wisdom. She calls […]

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  • Your Pussy is Not Broken


    Your Vulva / Your Coochie is not Dead or #Broken. More times than not, I’ll recieve clients that say they can’t have orgasms. Not via some medical condition but they’ve just decided it doesn’t work. “You[r brain] cannot selectively numb an […]

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  • Monogamy, Polyamory, Anxiety.. OH MY!!

    CLICK BELOW to join Nikki Morgan on NEUROTICA PODCAST EP9 and its hilariously authentic hosts comedians Justin Silver & Tracy Carnazzo in eye opening episode as she educates them about the options beyond monogamy. Our hosts discuss their own struggles […]

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  • Bobby V & Transgender Sex Worker Commentary

    In response to the cyber bullying singer Bobby Valentino is enduring, it has prompted me to assist in awareness definitions.

    Ignorance in a crowded room is a dangerous thing… Are we not clear that bullying (especially when dealing in societal taboo […]

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  • Orgasms and Belly Fat : A FB LIVE

    After joining a squat challenge with Anastasia Bruce aka Savage Beauty an MMA fighter and fitness trainer out of NY, I thought it was a great idea to let you know how orgasm can fit into your fitness.  
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  • Nikki Morgan on Karen Hunter

    Listen to Nikki Morgan talk all things sex, relationships, ED, and more with Karen Hunter, American journalist, publisher, talk show host, and the coauthor of several books.  
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  • Masturbation Month has Cum

    During this Month of Masturbation!! Nikki will be answering as many Masturbation Questions this Month as well as share some helpful tips and dispel myths. So please Touch yourself and submit your questions!!  The Experience is here!!
    Come here daily to […]

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  • The SDR Show Welcomes Nikki Morgan

    Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson welcomed Nikki Morgan and cast member of Energy Ex-Chains, Kacy St. James on The SDR Show. Catch them discussing first time sexual experiences, Jay’s Penis insecurities, Touchless Orgasm, Nikki’s first erotic production “Energy Ex-Chains”, […]

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  • Nikki Morgan Presents ‘Energy Ex-Chains’

    NEW YORK — Punany Poet Nikki Morgan’s Off-Broadway erotic play, “Energy Ex-Chains,” will premiere this Saturday at The Producers Club in N.Y., starting at 10:30 p.m.
    “This is an expanded show direction for ‘The Punany Poets,’” Morgan said. “If experience […]

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  • Punany Poet Nikki Morgan Presents Energy Ex-Chains at Producers Club 3/18

    Punany Poet and clinical sexologist Nikki Morgan, presents Off-Broadway erotic play, “Energy Ex-Chains” starring some of New York City’s sexiest and brightest erotic performers at The Producers Club this Saturday, March 18 at 10:30pm.
    “This is an expanded show direction for […]

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  • Breakfast Club Experiences Spiritual Sex Talk and Charlamange TRIES Touchless Orgasm with Punany Poets


    The Punany Poets Talk Spiritual Sex and Nikki Morgan attempts to Give Charlamagne A Touchless Orgasm. This fun interview talks about safe sex awareness through an erotic format, touchless orgasm, spiritual sexual connection, talking dirty, getting through to […]

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  • Orgasm with Sway in the Morning

    Punany Poets Demonstrate Better Ways to Orgasm on Sway in the Morning

    ByNicky G
    The Punany Poet, Jessica Holter, joins us on Sway in the Morning to opens up about her interactive, poetry based, erotic cabaret show. Along her side is Nikki […]

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Client Feedback

Touch Sessions are designed to connect you to the loving, healing, & creative power of your body and how it relates to your world.

"The service definitely increased intimacy, as we mentioned before, just preparing for it provided for a nice shared intimate experience and even afterwords; about half hour after you left, she woke up rejuvenated which led to an experience we would have loved to have caught on film."

Couple Session Client

Today I truly feel empowered more than ever before. PUSSY POWER!

Orgasmic Healing Client

First and foremost I want to say thank you for coming to my home and making this feel as comfortable as possible as I entered a new realm to self awareness.

Male Orgasm Expansion Client