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Pleasure Expansion. Pain Alleviation. Sexuality for the Soul.

Sacred Sexual Wellness. Body & Soul Care.

Welcome to the Touch Experience, a unique, highly specialized, sexual wellness and pleasure expansion company offering emotional & energetic healing sessions, workshops, private events, sexuality and spirituality coaching. We offer attention and empathetic care in your home or a private setting, where we address your most intimate curiosities and concerns.

Founded by Nikki Morgan, a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Reiki Practitioner and Sexual Shaman, the Touch Experience provides holistic and interactive solutions for all adults seeking to enhance, heal, expand and/or reclaim their sexual health, pleasure, spirituality and vitality.

Who is Nikki Morgan?

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Nikki Morgan is a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Speaker, Educator, Healer and Experience planner. She is founder of The Touch Experience, a Sexual Wellness, Body & Soul care company that serves clients with interest in healing sexual traumas, empowerment through expanded self awareness, bridging spirituality and sexuality, and quenching curiosity outside of their realm of normality.  She has coached thousands of beings of all genders, orientations and cultural backgrounds via her retreats, edutaining, experiential events in person, online and private sessions. She has a deep understanding of sexual energy and how it can affect our emotional well being, prosperity, mental and physical health, and relationships of all kinds. She’s shared this knowledge on her international and domestic retreats, workshops, formerly touring with Punany Poets as seen HBO, BET, Cinemax & Playboy TV by engaging the audience with touchless orgasm and telepathic exchanges. She has successfully written, acted and co produced her first  off broadway  interactive theater performance  “Energy Ex-Chains.” Nikki customizes empowerment programs including, utilizing Orgasmic Energy in practical ways to heal, motivate, break habits, and manifest.


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Her most notable appearances have been in the New York Post, highlighted on Viceland’s Desus and Mero, and appeared on Revolt TV, Breakfast Club, Jenny McCarthy, Sway, and the Karen Hunter Show. Among others, she has shared her skill sets and expertise via various titles , to high profile business executives; Colombia University, Balan Inc., an Event Planning, Artist Representation and Lifestyle Management Agency; Shining Service Worldwide for Military Women; Nexus Global Youth Summit; Nexus Africa; former Ms. Universe, Goodwill Ambassador, and Founder of MPULE Institute for Endogenous Development addressing HIV/AIDS, food security and the feminization of poverty in Africa, Mpule Kwelagobe for Women Investing in Women. She spends her time sex coaching all relational configurations, curating experience events, consulting for companies who appreciate her unique perspective in building self-awareness and stretching her knowledge of self through her martial arts, reiki, travel, music, writing, art and where her evolving interests continue to lead.


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More from Our Founder Nikki Morgan

What is TTE Coaching Philosophy?


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Nikki Morgan creates a platform custom for you that fosters learning about oneself through experience in safe, private, controlled settings. We welcome all genders, all sexual orientations, and all relationship configurations.

Utilizing the principles of experiential learning, sensate focusing and a myriad sexual spiritual practices that leave toes curling and pleasurable moans in the air, TTE helps to increase personal and interpersonal awareness of self and the other’s needs; the emphasis is for each person to focus on their own varied sense experience.  

Nikki welcomes invited guests to build momentum in the mindset that WE CREATE… and Every Step, Every Breath, Every Smile, Every Conversation is Creative Energy…  

Creative Energy is Sexual Energy…

Basic Sexual Rights

The ethical guidelines for the Touch Experience are based on the belief that sexual rights are human rights.

1. The freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.

2. The right to sexual entertainment, freely available in the marketplace, including sexually explicit materials dealing with the full range of sexual behavior.

3. The right not to be exposed to sexual material or behavior.

4. The right to sexual self-determination.

5. The right to seek out and engage in consensual sexual activity.

6. The right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, providing they do not involve non-consensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.

sexual-freedom-f27. The right to be free of persecution, condemnation, discrimination, or societal intervention in private sexual behavior.

8. The recognition by society that every person, partnered or unpartnered, has the right to the pursuit of a satisfying consensual sociosexual life free from political, legal or religious interference and that there need to be mechanisms in society where the opportunities of sociosexual activities are available to the following: disabled persons; chronically ill persons; those incarcerated in prisons, hospitals or institutions; those disadvantaged because of age, lack of physical attractiveness, or lack of social skills; and the poor and the lonely.

9. The basic right of all persons who are sexually dysfunc-tional to have available nonjudgmental sexual health care.

10. The right to control conception.