AfterWork Squirt



6:30p – 8:30p

New York, NY


You’ve been asking for a squirt class… Well you know Nikki Morgan won’t have you learn a new trick without getting into learning more about ourselves. So let’s do this! AFTER-WORK we SQUIRT! This is an intimate, interactive workshop discovering the gifts of having or being close to the Yoni. Squirting, Clitoral Secrets, G-Spot Love, and so much more.  The Myths, The Smell, The Taste, The Look, The Pleasures, The Capabilities, The Possibilities. What goes in it? What comes out of it? What does yours look like? We embrace all we can about the Yoni in a 2 hour session. This workshop is hyper-interactive and will only be offered in the most comfortable private and secure environments.

P.S. Squirting is not Orgasm.. Not Pee… & Knowing how is fun but does not determine your experience of pleasure. 10 Spots Only.

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Nikki welcomes invited guests to build momentum in the mindset that WE CREATE… and Every Step, Every Breath, Every Smile, Every Conversation is Creative Energy…  

Creative Energy is Sexual Energy…

Help us grow the intention of MAKING LOVE WITH LIFE!!!