• Energy Chords in Relationships



    Dec 17th during our Sexual Wellness Day Retreat we will cover how to identify, clean or cut energetic chords (yes, like musical waves) in relationships (romantic, familial and otherwise).

    In relationships and they sex, we create chords that connect us energetically. These chords can be healthy and clear or they can be clogged and energy draining. We create unconscious promises that we must fulfill to one another that become invalid overtime because of our natural human being nature which is ever-changing. It is the difference between healthy love and being attached. It is the difference between making conscious choices or co-creating and being insecure or waiting for the other to tell you what to do. These unhealthy chords can be created from past break ups, dramatic and traumatic situations that happened in the relationship, or simply just finding someone who also has a matching sense of emotional displacement.


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