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Saturday, June 23rd

img_5796Orgasmic Day Away 6 – Summer Solstice

Long Island, New York


Saturday – Saturday, July 7th – 14th

resize-me-hawii-2Divine Hawaiian Retreat

Maui, Hawaii


Friday-Sunday, October 26 – 28


A Sensual Escape – The Woodland Inn

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania



Event Definitions



Orgasms & Brunch

The intent of these events are to bringing comfort ability to individuals in their relationships, communication, self-reflection, sexual lives and other facets allowing permission to be empowered to customize their sexual interactions without shame or taboo. The brunch offers myth busting information, dynamic guests, tools, resources, demonstrative exercises and sex positive entertainment with equally matched creative food combos in safe sex positive comfortable venues/environments.

img_5796Orgasmic Day Away Retreats

Orgasmic Days Away are same day Sexual Wellness Retreats. A Full Day will always consist of two themes that will be helpful in combination but can also be fulfilling separate from one another. At the end of each Orgasmic Day away, we will hold a Practice and Play party for all who wish to join. These sessions are perfect for an intimate and focused learning-play experience to maximize your sexual self awareness and bring about transformation and intimacy in a private controlled environment.


Practice & Play Experiences

These Lifestyle events generally occur following an Orgasmic Day away or Retreat. While they are stand alone events, anyone that participates in workshops or activities leading up to the these play events receive a special rate for entry. These Practice & Play experiences are perfect for first time attendees and still stimulating enough for the advanced play guests.

At the end of your Orgasmic Day away, you’ll have an opportunity to practice what you learned with others in your group and with new guests if you so wish. We welcome solo, couple and group play for all genders. Refreshments, Entertainment, Goodies to bring home. These events occur in the NYC Area and the location is not released until after guests have secured their space.

Erotic Play*Energy Play*Sensual BDSM* Kink*Gourmet Cuisine*Adult Toys*Massage* And More

0c092939-506b-40dd-b89d-0bb549f768ab-2949-000002b523709c41_tmpVirtual Touch Events

designed to connect you to the loving, healing, & creative power of your body and how it relates to your world.  It will support you living a lifestyle that celebrates your wholeness including your sexual and spiritual being from the comfort of your home and convenience of your mobile device.


Sacred Sexology Retreat

All-inclusive retreats that focus on a plethora of healing modalities and engaging experiences to connect you deeper to your bliss filled state. Immerse yourself on one of the most healing islands in the world, Maui Hawaii, as you connect with your highest self through authentic empowering workshops, orgasmic exploration, sexual liberation, yoga classes, organic gourmet meals, vibrational healing, guided meditations, tantric philosophies, and more.