Chances are, this is new to you. Congratulations on trying something new and acknowledge the importance of your sexual and spiritual health! Seeing as a person’s sexuality can be pretty expansive, there are lots of questions that we hope this page will answer. If there are any questions that have not been answered, feel free to email or contact us through the TTE Contact Form.

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What are the different ways I can Experience a private Session?

In Home Experiences is when The Touch Experience comes to your home for your private session, event, workshop.

Virtual Experiences is when you can experience your private session, event or workshop via mobile device, laptop or computer.

Custom Instructional Video is an instructional video that you may download that will cater to your specific goals or requests.

What types of things happen in these sessions?

These sessions are made to give you tools on how to manage sexual life, communication and spiritual choices best suited to your needs and life paths. Each session will include a varying combinations of discussion, roleplay, instruction, exercises,  and emotional, physical, sexual energy, and body awareness techniques. These require your present participation to be effective.

Each experience is different for different people.

In General, there will be included:

We clear the energy in the room prepare the space with calming, positive and affirming energy before we being.

Meditation and Visualization.

Energy Assessment. I will use my pendulum or place my hands on or near your body to assess or read your energy centers.

Body of the Session. Each session is customized to the person or persons. It is based on personal goals, blocks, physical, emotional or spiritual observations.

After the session:

Hydration. Be sure to hydrate after your session. 8-16 ounces within the first 2 hours from the end of the session.


What if I do not have a mate/partner or should I bring my partner/s to my appointment? 

You do not have to a partner. Your partners are welcome to attend your session. Everyone has a different experience during these sessions. We will discuss what is best for your session when we make your appointment.

What kinds of energy sessions are offered?

Orgasmic Healing Energy Sessions. In these sessions, we will work with your sexual chi energy to assist you in tapping into a deeper sense of self and silence. We will use orgasmic energy to charge the heart and body so that is realigns your chakras or clear your emotional and spiritual energy centers for your life force energy to flow free-er. These sessions are helpful solo and complimentary to medical treatment or therapy. These session assist all genders who are pre-orgasmic to Orgasm, Orgasmic to Multi-Orgasm, deeper pleasure and awareness.

Reiki Sessions. This is a Japanese Technique that involves hands on and off energy healing. This is a more subtle energy healing work that is complimentary to any medical treatment. It energizes while also relaxing the mind and body.

Masculine/Feminine Healing Session. This session is specifically designed to balance one’s masculine and feminine energies of the body.

Standard Sex/Sex Energy Coaching. This session is for any goals that you wish to work on solo or with mates to experience, reach and/or explore.

Are their Pre-Requisites for your classes and workshops?

No. There will be recommendations where needed, however you may choose as your heart decides.

Are sessions for Gender Specific?

We are open to all genders and sexualities.

Are all our sessions private?

Yes. Your privacy is very important. Your information will never be disclosed without prior written authorization from the client concerned. In order to control service quality, some sessions are recorded. These recordings are used solely for personnel evaluation purposes.

What is TTE’s policy on cancellations & refunds the session? 

* If you must request cancellation, please do so in writing to Info@TheTouchExperience.com.

* TTE reserves the right to refuse monetary refunds based on the buyers remorse.

* If TTE cancels on your appointment via an act of nature or otherwise we will investigate your claim and you will be notified 7-14 business days with the results by email.

What are the method of payment that TTE accepts? 

We accept cash, ach, electronic checks and all major credit cards via PayPal with private, safe and discrete payment descriptions. Payments for sessions must be paid in full to hold the appointment or before the appointment begins.

How should I prepare for my private appointment?

Write down, in detail, what initiated your outreach to us.

Be mindful of the body, heart, breathing, throughout the day.

If there are medications that you have taken in the last 7 days, please be prepared to share what.

Be sure you are hydrated. Hydration is essential for energy flow.

Do Not wear any strong scents, lotions or any other fragranced cosmetic.

Do Not Drink Alcohol beginning at least 10 hours before your session is recommended.

Remove all metal jewelry.

Avoid Nicotine and Caffeine during the day of your session.

During the day find time to breathe fully and deeply. Bring oxygen into your body through out the day.

Be gentle with yourself. Try not to engage in any energy depleting activities before your session (emotional, physical, or otherwise).

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothes. Natural fibers are recommended.