• I Ovary Acted…


    No.  You didn’t. Our #Mooncycles are much more than just shedding ourselves or internal walls and unfertilized eggs each month. It is also a time where your raw #creatorenergy is most potent for transmutation.  Your womb has its own consciousness and wisdom. She calls for balance in your physical body. People, Nutrition, Emotions, Environment, Adjacent Lives are all part of balancing.

    Pay attention to the messages your womb has for you. #mooncycle brings you and find your personal balance. This is your #womb telling you what you need more regularly or during your bleed. When we are unclear on our body needs, it leaves room for misinterpretations that force a binge to fill the deficit, creating a faux balance. #Bepatient with yourself. Learn the language of your body. Speak to yourself so you can communicate with others in a way you prefer. #masteryourself
    Feeling Extremely #Tired? Try allowing yourself more #rest in weeks before you begin bleeding.
    Craving #sweets? Try increasing healthy #sugars into your diet weeks before you bleed. (Like fruit, muffins etc.)
    Desire to be completely #alone? In the weeks before you bleed, make it a priority to find #personal time for you.

    I find that when I have a lot of junk food I get cramps during my bleed. However when I’m eating healthy and sticking to my home cooked & plant-based regiment” I feel cramp free with high & playful energy.
    Sometimes the balancing may be related to emotions that have been generationally impactful. That work may be a bit more of a puzzle than just changing your diet, especially if you are hiding your emotions from yourself.  #bebrave#loveyourperiod #misunderstood #PMS #womensbodies #removepatriarchalfilters to open perspectives.

    Not sure where to begin? Your womb has its own consciousness. Reach out for a womb reading and open your intuitive connections with your Womb. 

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