• Intimacy and 12 Hour Work Days


    Long workdays mean in balance is bound to happen. Put a little effort into balancing the full spectrum of you. Three perspectives to consider when expanding your energetic broadband our mind, body and spirit.

    Intimacy is very much of the MIND. Having a 12 hour day may require your focus on just one aspect of your life for that entire span of time but remember your whole self, and engage your imagination. Creative energy is sexual energy, and it is a rejuvenating! Also, when your mind is set on something, your body is, for the most part, programmable. Which brings me to our instrument of physical expression and our major tool and intimacy. When you are feeling mentally and physically drained, it’s easy to find yourself going home and crashing on the couch for some mindnumbing TV or immediate gratification and comfort foods. There are a number of ways to combat this.
    Stop by verbally reminding each other of what you enjoy about one another. This keeps gratitude and feel good frequencies running through the BODY. Touch each other during conversation. This allows a subtle energy communication between partners. Find or create a game or hobby you both can enjoy together. This reinforces co-creativity.┬áRead fiction to each other. Utilizing your voice vibrations to guide one another’s imaginations is a wonderful way to begin playing with each other when near or far. Remember to take deep breath’s and oxygenate the body throughout the day. This will assist in the energy boost your mind will need to switch gears later in the day. He going. This is an awesome way to have a sustainable feeling of excitement and arousal moment to moment. Warm yourselves up with sweet text, video and/or photo messages during work hours. The suggestions assist in creating desire. Take at least 20 minutes before bedtime in each others arms in silence while listening to music. Simply exist in each other’s energy. Dave together. Cook together. Kiss. Talk freely. Listening sans expectation or judgment leaves room for your partner is true spirit to show.
    Sexual arousal and orgasmic energy with consideration of the SPIRIT creates a level of intimacy that is rare in this fast-paced digital world. Learn to listen to each other beyond your words. Be mindful of what you are feeling. Take turns being the giver for one full hour or more. Explore and feel each other’s bodies. Contemplate on each other’s pleasure. Sitting I to eye and breathing deeply while holding one another, clothes off for 15 minutes to an hour can reveal so much more than texting or speaking to your partner could. Let that time be sacred for you both. Finally be aware of how you feel when you are working towards creating more intimacy in your relationship. If the motivation behind these activities is guilt shame or any other resisting emotion, don’t do it. Your intimacy cannot be faked. There are no shortcuts through motion. Take time with yourself and trust your process.

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