Jade Journey Orgasm Spa Workshop



SEPTEMBER 24th 1pm – 3pm

How many times have you said or heard:
I want to have sex but I just don’t have the feelings to get into it.”
I’ll do it if you want to..
I just want him to finish so we can go to bed”
I just don’t feel beautiful
I think I am broken

So if you are a man who loves women and reading this, this is a beginning to opening up intimacy in your relationship with any woman in your life. By helping your woman heal things that you cannot touch but that is directly affecting your sex life.  If you are a woman reading this the sources of these thoughts and feelings are keeping you from pleasures in life that exist in and out of the bedroom.
Part of tapping into your orgasmic life is having a mind, body and spiritual understanding that we must submit to our infinite nature. It can be challenging to do so with all our day to day tasks, thoughts, past traumas, body violations, surgeries, stresses and responsibilities. This workshop is an amazing way to shed those stresses and give ourselves an opportunity to submit to our own pleasure. Through your 4 Phase Jade Journey we will engage tapping into our naked internal self, touchless orgasms, discovering orgasms, & understand abundance in a different way

Experience Type

The workshop above are a specialty offered for you ultimate comfort.:

  • In Studio Group: This workshop is experienced in an eclectic luxury spa to increase relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.
  • This workshop is wonderful for those who have never experienced an orgasm (Pre-Orgasmic), have very localized orgasms (Genital Only Orgasms), or just looking to be expand one’s present experience (Multi-Orgasmic). This is also helpful for those who are looking to find pleasure beyond sexual trauma. Experience how full body energetic orgasm can assist in various ways. Some would consider their orgasms even “spiritual”. It will leave you feeling lighter, more peaceful, clear minded and full of love at the very least.

Your Jade Journey Includes:


spa-phase1 spa-phase2 spa-phase3 spa-phase4

Additional Spa Treatments are available

Appointments for Vaginal Steam Experience (Gyno Spa) is available at request.


Experience Type

After your payment, someone will reach out to you to confirm your spa workshop and location.

Nikki welcomes invited guests to build momentum in the mindset that WE CREATE… and Every Step, Every Breath, Every Smile, Every Conversation is Creative Energy…  

Creative Energy is Sexual Energy…

Help us grow the intention of MAKING LOVE WITH LIFE!!!