• NewYork Post Features Nikki Morgan and the Touchless Orgasm

    New York Post featured Touchless Orgasm and I on their early rising video content offer.  The experience was interesting, fun, eye opening and was done on National Orgasm Day. My interviewers did not have much experience with women’s orgasms orgasms in general, as do many people, so we had to really work together for them to coach me through the video segment, while I coached them on letting go of the porn expectations of orgasm. This video was the final outcome.

    Published on Jan 10, 2018

    “Certified clinical sexologist Nikki Morgan offers clients an experience she calls the “touchless orgasm.” She claims to be able to channel a body’s energy and spread the orgasm throughout the entire body, all without laying a finger on her client.”

    I did save my Instastory from my time leading up to the filming if you wish to know my thoughts..

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