Orgasmic Day Away


Special Guests and Announcements to Come!!

Our Sexual Expression is a part of our identity that is ever changing. Holding this part of ourselves back, interfere with living our fullest lives. So many of us have yet to allow the full surrender to our ecstasy… Why? Will you not survive past the ecstasy? Is there a fear of being fully alive in your sexual being. Absolve yourself from what keeps you from meeting the next level of your fullest sexual expression at your pace in an open minded, safe and sexy space.

A Full Day Ticket Includes:

DAY SESSION 3:00pm – 9:00pm

Check In 3:00pm – 3:30p

  • You’ll be greeted by Divine Helpers to get your welcome kit and tour the property for your experiential day.

Nude Yoga 3:30pm – 4:00pm

Sacred Genital Massage 4:30pm – 6:00pm *Descriptions below.

EVENING SESSION  7:00pm – 3:00am

Special Pop Up Performance

Pleasure Bar, Pool Party & Dinner 6:00pm – 9:00pm

  • Heart Opening Herbal Baths & Bathers – Clear your Aura and Connect to your Womb with special herbal blends by Dropping Seeds.
  • Massage
  • Love & Aphrodisiac Elixir Bar
  • New Beauty & Erotic Photo shoots – You tap into your representation of Beauty and Eroticism
  • Pool & Hot Tub
  • Intimacy Games
  • “No Play” Areas
  • Dinner *Be Sure to state any dietary requirements regarding allergies.

Practice & Play Pool Party

10:00pm – 3:00am *”Practice & Play description below.

Healing Spa Treatments –

Divinity Spa Treatment
(Only During Orgasmic Day Away)

IF you’ve found you have very dense trauma or pain, this would be an ideal feature for you. This retreat leave changed and feel liberated in your authentic way of being. Have an experience with friends, lovers or solo. 
The Base herbal Blend of this bath supports states of enhanced libido and conscious sensual expression. Its base is Kava Kava, a 3000 yr old ceremonial tea from the Pacific Islanders. Used during celebrations and ceremonies and known to have stress release and relaxing effects allowing you to find the space for self-love as well as pleasurable expression to the one you love.
For customized outcomes beyond the above, please reach out for a free consultation to discover what blends can be subscribed for your needs. (available separate or combined with the Full Day Retreat.)

CALL/TEXT: 323.207.0959 to discuss what sexual or sensual blocks you’d like to release. Our fear and tension live in our body and our energy fields. Let’s clear this out and increase our sexual power.

Experience Type

Day Workshops  3p – 9p

There has been overwhelming request to return to Sacred Genital Massage as our feature workshop. How we self pleasure and approach giving pleasure sets a tone for all our intimate relationships. These workshops help us to deeply connect to the body thru a sensual practice inspired by sacred sex practices like Tantra. In our feature workshop, we will learn how to surrender to divine sexual pleasure and tap into transcendental awareness. These practices are designed to increase Pleasure, Healing, Connection, Deep Understanding of Giving and Receiving, Prevention Health and Health Care. These 2 workshops are ideal for body workers, lovers, open minded & sex positive individuals.

This will be easy to learn techniques. We will have honest and open communication about our own boundaries and conditions after setting our intentions for the day. This includes some level of activity in giving or receiving massages. Our feature workshop is Sacred Genital Massage to learn how to surrender to divine sexual pleasure and tap into transcendental awareness. *Note: If you have any organ illnesses or known conditions, this workshop is not for you. Both Workshops are open to all genders and all content is inclusive.

Sacred Genital Massage

Healing Vulva MassageVaginas and Orgasms are great sources our power. However to tap into this creator energy, we must experience longer, deeper orgasms. In this workshop we approached the Punany with sacred love and respect. This massage is about honoring the the vulva, the doorway to this world. The beginnings of an Orgasmic Life originate here. We will learn methods on how to massage the reflex points that will allow women healing, release, expansion and transcendence. This is especially helpful if our bodies have many unresolved traumas that live in our muscles, organs and tissues.

Liberated Penis Massage This workshop focuses on expanding the body’s ability to receive pleasure for a fuller experience of emotions and sensations throughout the whole body via massage of the Penis. This sacred series of grips and strokes offer a different understanding of abundance, trust, intimacy and can offer liberation in a great sense of mental, spiritual and physical well-being. We will definitely identify the difference between Orgasm and Ejaculation and feel energized powerful sexual experiences.

This same day retreat is designed to silence your internal criticism of yourself and others allowing more space to listen deeply, ignite or reignite desire, curiosity, love and have more compassion and understanding for one another organically. This in turn opens up more space for gratitude, understanding and love for yourself, your partner(s) and your surroundings.

Orgasmic Night Pool Party & Play Celebration 7p – 3a

Are for all those that wish to enjoy more live demos, have a place to practice what knowledge gained during the day workshops and play (REQUIRED READING) with new people who have the same interests as you.

Dress Code

We ask you to dress in what makes you feel most comfortable. It is advised to bring slippers or water shoes for swimming. Practice and Play portion of the evening will be more free form, so wear whatever ignites your creativity and flow.

Travel Information

•  LOCATION: New Rochelle, NY
Secluded custom built property.
Address only given after Confirmed Ticketing

Transportation & Hotels
Bus | We’re conveniently walking distance away from the 45 Bus stop at the North Avenue and Wilmot road stop, New Rochelle. 

Carpool | Let’s come together as a community and help each other get too and from the event safely. Contribute towards gas and tolls. Please respond to this email if you’re willing to carpool. Those driving need to be responsible and not drink alcohol.   

Metro-North | 35 mins from Grand Central Terminal to New Rochelle Station.
Metro-North | 25 mins from Harlem – 125 st to New Rochelle Station.  

Uber/Lyft/Taxi| A 10 min ride from New Rochelle station.

Car | The Ivory Temple is less than 5 mins drive from Exit 17 on the Hutchinson River Parkway. I Would advise those who are driving to come early to find street parking, which is free.

Below is a list of local hotels and their distance from the Ivory Temple
 Local Hotels1. Radisson Hotel, New Rochelle 3.5 miles
2. Residence Inn (Marriott) 3.5 miles

It is in your best interest to arrive rested and hydrated. Please make arrangements to arrive the day before the workshop if you are traveling from a far distance instead of flying overnight or leaving at dawn to travel the day of the workshop.