Orgasmic Day Away 2

 This upcoming Orgasmic Day Away Themes are geared in Sexual Energy.

This retreat is designed to silence your internal criticism of yourself and others allowing more space to listen deeply, ignite or reignite desire, curiosity, love and have more compassion and understanding for one another organically. This in turn opens up more space for gratitude, understanding and love for yourself, your partner(s) and your surroundings.

•  LOCATION: Mendham, NJ

•  ADDRESS: Released after RSVP.
*Round Trip Chauffeurs for New York City Dwellers Available NY <>NJ*
•  COST: $ 50 per session 

The retreat format is split into two parts that can be explored separately and together depending on the level of exploration you wish. Orgasm Mastery Day Session offer exploring different types of orgasm and how to connect with your partners and experience a deeper connect with yourself. The Sensual BDSM Session offers a sensual side of BDSM with sensory play to titillate all your senses, basic rope ties and self discovery that will increase trust levels and communication in a little less than vanilla way.




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Morning session: 11am – 3pm

“Intro to Orgasmic Mastery” opens up new doors creating limitless ways of being with one another. No matter who you are or how experienced, there are always new depths of pleasure and connectivity your orgasm can take you. Your body will tingle; your heart will grow; your passion will ignite.


Afternoon session: 5pm – 8pm

maxresdefault“Intro to Sensual BDSM” takes you on a very physical journey to the spiritual side BDSM. We will utilize the Tantric philosophy that anything can be used as a tool to help access your grander divine self. This part of the retreat will offer you ways to use dominance, submission, bondage and more to bring about profound fulfillment and radical transformation in and out of your bedroom.




Celebrate End of Day: 9p – 1am

“Practice & Play Party” are for all those that wish to enjoy more live demos, have a place to practice what knowledge you gained and play with new people who have the same interests as you.



This retreat is an introduction to Orgasmic Mastery and Sensual BDSM.

The retreat format is split into two parts that can be explored separately and together depending on the level of exploration you wish. Nikki Morgan’s approach consists of a combination of instruction, exercises, small group processing and techniques that require your participation with your partner(s). The small group processing includes discussion, role­play, sexual energy and body awareness techniques. Couples complete various assigned activities together and participate in a small group as a couple.

**Detailed Itinerary for the Day will be sent to RSVP’d Guests.**

*Individual couples’ sessions can be made by appointment before the retreat commences.

Retreat Location

•  LOCATION: Mendham, NJ

•  ADDRESS: Released after RSVP.

Be sure to save your spot! The exact location will be released after RSVP to respect privacy of guests.

Travel Information

It’s in your best interest to arrive rested. Please make arrangements to arrive the day before the workshop instead of flying overnight or leaving at dawn to travel the day of the workshop. Don’t arrive exhausted before this intense long days of sexual learning.

If  you are flying in, aim to arrive no later than 11am on Saturday so you have time to get settled before arriving to the Orgasm Mastery Day Session beginning at 11am and ending at 3pm. At the end of this session, guests are more than welcome to enjoy the social hour in between sessions.

*Round Trip Chauffeurs for New York City Dwellers Available NY <>NJ* Are Available by Request.

The Sensual BDSM Session begins 5pm and ends at 8pm on Saturday followed by delicious refreshments for everyone.

Then, if you feel compelled, stay a while! Practice & Play Party 9pm until 1am participants are free to enjoy and stay to practice and/or what you’ve learned with your partner(s) and consenting others.