Orgasmic Day Away 5 Immersive


Orgasmic Day Away 5  is a same day sexual wellness retreat offers you a safe space to explore yourself mind body and spirit in a private home away from the hustle and bustle.  There will be Nude Yoga, Intimacy & Self Love, Orgasm Workshop female focused, Gifts and a full Dinner Menu. Connect with yourself, your partners and stretch your perception on what you thought you already knew about sex, relationships and lifestyles for one day, if you are too busy to give yourself a week.

SEE BELOW. Whatever your level of comfort level is, plan to have your Experience flow the way you wish…

Experience YourSelf

SATURDAY, July 29th 


Experience Type

This upcoming Orgasmic Day Away Themes are geared


Sexual Lifestyles and  Orgasm Discovery with Female Focus.

Listen to an interview on Orgasmic Day Away 3 Click Here.

**We are honoring all prepaid ODA ticketers who were not able to enjoy the last Retreat. Just email ( to confirm your attendance**




Summer Surprises are afoot! So keep an eye on your emails for additional fun.
Day Time Activities: 3p – 9p

icon-nude-14pm – 5pm. Nude Yoga



5pm – 7pm. Intimacy & Self Love Workshop


7pm – 8pm. Gourmet Dinner

icon-bra-and-panties-18pm – 9pm. Orgasm  Discovery Workshop (Co-Ed. Female Focused)



Night Time Activities: Practice & Play 10p – 3a 

for all those that wish to enjoy:
– More live demos
–  A place to practice day workshop knowledge

–  Adult Play (with consent) with new people who have the same interests as you.

Travel Information

It’s in your best interest to arrive rested. Please make arrangements to arrive the day before the workshop instead of flying overnight or leaving at dawn to travel the day of the workshop. Don’t arrive exhausted before this intense long days of sexual learning. If you require a reference address for travel planning, once can be supplied to you by request.

Experience Type

This retreat is designed to silence your internal criticism of yourself and others allowing more space to listen deeply, ignite or reignite desire, curiosity, love and have more compassion and understanding for one another organically. This in turn opens up more space for gratitude, understanding and love for yourself, your partner(s) and your surroundings.

•  ADDRESS: Revealed after RSVP, reference Location available upon request for travel preparation.
Adult Gift Giveaways

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