Sexual Lifestyle Introductions

Do you have interest in Polyamory? An Open Relationship? Bondage? Domination and Submission? Kink? Swinging?

Are you not sure what any of the terms above mean? Are you not sure what you are interested in but know you’d like to explore more of yourself?

Many societies have expectations on what is “normal” sexual behavior and what is acceptable. However, sexual desires are expressed uniquely person to person based on desire, personal experiences, traditions, religious practices, body types, abilities, emotional well-being and many other variants. Not being supported in a personal desire and thinking you are abnormal because it is not accepted by society can cause guilt, shame, confusion, acceptance of things we do not prefer and repression of many other emotions that can cause dis-ease in our lives, our minds and our bodies. You are welcome here to engage your curiosities and explore in a safe space custom fit for your preference.

Send an email or call us for a guided entry point to a comfortably explore new lifestyles that fit your personal preferences.


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