Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality Sundays in Baltimore

Join us Each Sunday at 1pm EST in Baltimore for group sessions to learn and explore the intersection of sexuality, spirituality and tools from the earth that are available for our journey. The group session is ideal for womb healing, chronic depression, challenges feeling free, fatigue, burnout from day to day in Baltimore. We will rotate workshop topics to allow us full spectrum on our sexually divine self. These group sessions are experiential and tailored to Baltimore City living.


Tap into your higher self, increase love for life and have loving bliss-filled sex by lending from ancient and fun practices. This workshop is open to couples, solo lovers and polycules alike. We’ll explore sexual practices inspired by tantra, kama sutra, metaphysics and others and how they can assist in undoing what is currently arresting your sexual liberation.

Exploration Benefits:

  • Awaken your Power to Heal
  • Release Stress
  • Connect to your Inner Rhythm
  • Mind, Body & Spirit Connection
  • Muscle Tension and Release
  • Improve Sexual Health
  • Increase Pleasure Capacities
  • Experience Closeness to the World you are Experiencing
  • Manifestation

This season we are exploring Sacred Genital Massage. Your genitals have nerves, blood, muscles are major organs for healthy waste elimination, is deeply connected to how you feel about your overall life security & foundation.They have reflexology points that assist in healing other parts of your body, just like your feet, face and hands.

How can you not massage them? Moisturize them? Include them in your  WHOLE BODY relaxation? Look at them the way you look at your face in the mirror? Allow the sun to gently shine on them? 
When did we learn to shame these delicate and important parts of our bodies? Energetically, when your see your genitals as the”other part” of body, relating it to shame, fear or hiding, your are aligning your identity with not accepting your whole Self. 
“First Sundays” is a Baltimore Exclusive Event held in Reservoir Hill that is open to all human beings regardless of gender, orientation, relational configurations.

Experience Type

For Live Global Online Access between 1p – 3p EST

For those not in the DMV area or cannot travel to Reservoir Hill, Baltimore, there is an online option to gain the knowledge shared.

This 2 hour session digs in to the physical, intellectual and ethereal aspects of Sexual Energy as it relates to our day to day. We will explore tools to help cultivate, learn and feel the nuanced vibration differences of our energies and the basic role it plays in our day to day. To prepare, come dressed comfortably and with an open mind.

Ask About:

Experience Enhancers include herbal teas and elixirs that you can take home to further explore your relationship with this divine primordial energy. 

SYNC supports a states of empathy and lucidity. Increase the synchronicities in your life by enhancing your psychic awareness

HERS supports states of enhanced libido and intentional sensual expression. A key ingredient is Kava Kava, a 3000 yr old ritualized herb from the Pacific Islands. Used during celebrations and ceremonies, it is known to have stress release and relaxing effects allowing you to find the space for self-love as well as sensual pleasure with sexual partners.

Live Demonstrations:  These demonstrations will assist us during our sessions with positions, anatomy, energy exercises with the guests and more.

If you wish to hold a gathering in your home, feel free to reach out to us for:

  1. Your Guest Contact List (email, phone, and/or address for mailing) so we can send specialized invitations.
  2. The Address (physical or virtual) where the workshop will take place.
  3. Your estimated number of guests (final number is needed 3 business days in advance)

Nikki welcomes invited guests to build momentum in the mindset that WE CREATE… and Every Step, Every Breath, Every Smile, Every Conversation is Creative Energy…  

Creative Energy is Sexual Energy…

Help us grow the intention of MAKING LOVE WITH LIFE!!!