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No matter who you are or your history; whether you are a new couple or polycule, open  or monogamous relationships, using your sexual energy to deepen connection is a benefit to all. This series of sexual mastery sessions will create a powerful connection physically, emotionally and spiritually to depths that will change the way you see the world. These synchronizing sessions will assist in improving communication, deepening pleasure, improve decision making, expand emotional awareness and much more.

Your sessions will be live, custom to your needs from the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME, HOTEL, OR WHERE EVER YOU CHOOSE.

If you are a new relationship or experienced you will enter or continue confidently and creatively into this new life partnership.


Choose from one of our Sessions.


I. Pleasure Capacity Stretching Session. Breaking Pleasure barriers. As a new couple it is important to know how to receive pleasure and broaden that barrier as time continues with that partner(s).

II. Co Creation Intimacy Session. Synchronizing Lovers. Mutually Created Bliss that engage you in having a more sustainable and deeper connection to Infinity you both so wish to achieve. It is necessary to get synchronized with your partner in order to move forward. Learning physical techniques will not be the only way to achieve your desired goals. There is another connection in order to open up to your mate and vice versa Mind, Body, Spirit.

III. Energy Body Opening Session. Your Orgasm is a direct expression of your

conscience. This session will draw on your sexual energetic flow inside you to deepen orgasms between the couple. Orgasmic energy is creative energy. With a full body acceptance that lasts, your union will reflect the depth of that pleasure and connection.

IV. Deluxe Connection Experience. This Package includes all of the above. There will be exercises in between each scheduled session that will increase intimacy and merge heart and sacral energies to practice with one another and by yourselves.


TTE offers private sessions in person by request. Your Virtual Date will be confirmed via email after your registration is complete.

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