• Sexy Food



    #TBT Appetizer Anyone? My last sexploration with food workshop filled us with textures, smells, tastes, sounds of delicious pleasures and visual stimulation that vibrated well past that evening. The same senses you use while you eat are the same ones you use in your sexual lifestyle. Unless you have food allergies, food is a safe and fun way to spark up your sensuality and creativity. It’s also heart and mind opening because your melding two initially very separate parts and ways of being with partner(s). Mmmm… Mix and match your favorite foods and partners.
    A quick note tho!! I always advise super sugary food in your vulva can throw off your PHBalance (aka yeast infection city). Also, spicy, peppery, highly citric and salty foods may burn or sting sensitive tissue on the body. Unless you like a little sting, then by all means ignore that last nite.



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