• Side Effects of Thanksgiving



    Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, undoubtedly, many of you will gather with family and friends (blood related or chosen or by circumstance) which may require you to face uncomfortable situations, past hurts, annoyances, painful secrets while being in celebratory environments. Communication begins with yourself first and then a Choice on how to relate to your environment is made.

    1. If you feel anger or resentment or shame that will not simmer down inside, Take Deep Breaths. Raise your vibrations by: thinking of grateful situations; take Orgasmic breaths like I’ve been showing you all these years; think of someone or something that makes you smile. Make your heart remember joy in that moment.

    2. After you’ve achieved part one. Return to your present situation and Observe your feelings. Do you want to talk about it? Do you need a break from the environment? What are your intentions for this day? Listen to your intuition.

    3. Stand confidently in your intentions for today. Be mindful of what you deserve in this moment. Is it Peace? Is it to speak what you haven’t spoken? Is it to enjoy everyone and everything? What do you deserve? Not sure? Then weigh it for this moment, right now.
    Does  your #comfort and happiness of today hold greater value than the source of the uncomfortable situation now?

    I can’t say these suggestions will work for everyone but it’s worth a try. You deserve a great day everyday. Don’t let one person or one situation ruin your opportunity to connect with the many other lovely opportunities presented to you today and everyday. Do what you need to do, but be mindful of it. Respond. Do not React to your reflection. There are infinite ways to RESPOND to your situation. Be the CREATIVE being you are born to be. You are not your habits. You make conscious creative choices as you create your life moment by moment.

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