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Pleasure Council Brunches are created to maximize opportunity for pleasure in all aspects of life. Over a planned prefixed brunch menu, we will Discuss, Share, Question and Answer communication techniques, healing effects of love making, spiritual connection to our physical interactions, dating your reflection, introducing yourself to new lifestyle practices, common relationship issues, balance in love and many other Real Life Topics that YOU CHOOSE. Venue options, décor and themes are customized by request and budget.

Pleasure, Parts, Positions, and Performance Workshops are to offer information, tools, resources, exercises, live demonstrations and insights that will be geared towards bringing comfort ability in relationships, communication, self-reflection, sexual lives and other facets. We will do so by utilizing Pictures, Demonstrators, Improvisation, and Audience Participation.

Sexual Preparedness in a Marriage is a mental, physical emotional effort – and all creative. It is very common to fall into routine and lose the fun imaginative part of new budding romance. Take time to feed and nurture your creative self. Having a support system in anything new that you do is also a powerful advantage. It can be especially wonder full when it is coming from the ones you love! So how great it would be to have these loved ones help you build your preparatory beginners marriage sex kit before you take this walk into forever. For this Bachelorette Training, each person involved will offer a different perspective to share with the group and the bride to be. The topics can range from communication to positions to sexy dance and more. Each topic brought forth by each bachelorette will end with a special gift for the bride to add to the kit. The bride will have a new kit to try new tricks and everyone will have ended the fun learning more about themselves and one another. This offers a bonding experience that will last. This is ideal for having an event without a hired host.


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Grab hold of this grand new chapter in life with hands on, interactive, fun and inspirational workshops, discussions and events.

Real Life Topics that YOU CHOOSE, learning through fun, jaw dropping, heart opening, private settings to enter confidently and creatively into the bride’s new life partnership.

Every relationship can use Sex Positive Thought Processes, Self-Awareness, Body Comfort Ability, Relationship Communication, Adult Toys and some Creative Inspiration.


TTE Bridal Showers are Open to All Genders, All Orientations, and All Relationship configurations because SEXUAL ENERGY is CREATIVE ENERGY!!