• Touchless Orgasm


    The Philosophy and Science behind Orgasmic Healing Sessions.

    Healing with Orgasmic Energy uses a combination of our neurological behaviors, emotional vibrations, knowledge of energy and your own self-awareness to shift old and repressed emotions, stagnant energy in the body causing dis-ease that keeps us from living our freest and fullest selves.

    “The ether in which this little earth floats, in which we move and have our being, is a form of energy moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration, and that the ether is filled with a form of universal power which ADAPTS itself to the nature of the thoughts we hold in our minds; and INFLUENCES us, in natural ways, to transmute our thoughts into their physical equivalent.” – Napoleon Hill


    Orgasm is the most powerful method to transmuting our thoughts into their physical equivalent. However, one must first relearn what orgasm is and hone their own sexual energy and feel their emotional body locations.


    Orgasm and Meditation have very similar effects on the brain*. Specifically, it affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain which plays the executive decision maker in the body to carry out our internal goals.


    Orgasm is the deepest meditative state a human being can experience. It shuts down the part of the brain responsible for processing fear, anxiety and behavioral control and relaxes and reduces activity.

    Nikki Morgan sees orgasm as opportunity to experience Infinity; the highest frequency we can access and a medium to tap into our source energy.


    All is energy. Energy is malleable. The question is, how does one mold this energy?


    Your emotional level, your “frequency tone,” is the manifested frequency level of everything and anything that is “real” (perceivable) to you in your world and life’s experiences. “We reap what we sow.”


    (Mind over Matter… Alchemy… Everything is Energy)










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