No matter who you are or your history; whether you are a new couple or polycule, open or monogamous relationships, simply exploring, recovering from a trauma, challenges loving yourself, understanding & using your sexual energy to deepen connection can assist you in reclaiming yourself and what you are creating.

There are many different methods we may use to assist you in reaching the Sexuality, Emotion & Experience goals we will set. Coaching is focused primarily on the Present and the Future, more oriented on projects or goals or skills and what you are ‘doing’ as a person.
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Some things to know:
  • Session Map Basics
    • In general, your sessions, will be scheduled based upon your emotional progression.
    • On occasion, there will be activities to complete in between sessions.
    • Journaling will be required in some form: written, video, voice, or typed and submitted.
    • You are entitled to one scheduled call a week during your 6+ session package.
    • We will decide on a specified weekly call time as needed
    • At the end of your package, we will assess your progress based on information collected week to week.
    • Because this is a co-creative session process, week to week, you will have opportunity to share feedback on your session progress towards your stated intention or goals. This ensures satisfaction and communication through out our process.
    • You may choose any combination of session types for your agreed upon number of sessions. Do not be concerned with effectiveness either way, it is fundamentally based on your comfort levels
  • Services, Privacy & Policies
    • You will be asked to review and acknowledge  our Client Acceptance before moving forward.
  • .Payment Notes 
    • If you wish for unlimited text and phone access support, there is an additional charge of $200. Most clients find a weekly call sufficient. Questions outside of our weekly call can be included in your journaling as an option.
    • Each multi-session package requires a 50% deposit before a detailed custom session map can be provided. The balance must be completed half way thru your projected number of sessions.
    • Correspondence Packages must be paid in full.