• You Can Heal from This…

    A Reflection from Nikki Morgan..


    I tend to focus on pleasure and self awareness increasing activities so you have a place to go to relieve yourself from some of the harsh and tragic ongoings in the world. However, much of my client base come to me for healing purposes and a way to tap into a freedom that has been blocked by emotional traumas and pains. Healthy Sacral (Womb*) Energy within our pelvic bowl is a haven to your sexual energies, creative energies, ability to nurture, sensuality, and balancing of masculine and feminine energies.


    Appx 44% of rape victims are under age 18. Three out of every twenty victims (15%) are under age 12.


    These painful experiences can compound emotional repression and blocks even further when you realize 93% of of these sexual assault victims (under 18) knew their attacker; 34.2% were family members and 58.7% were acquaintances. Only 7% of the perpetrators were strangers to the victim. (Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, 2000).


    Our Beautiful Mind conditions itself to hide from the undesired pains, betrayal, heartbreak, mistrust, shame & pain encouraging traditions. While our mind does this, our beautiful bodies, born out of powerful sexual energy cannot act in its fullest awareness due to these ‘safety’ blocks from which our minds try to protect us. The human brain cannot successfully block one emotion without blocking all others. So the fullness of other emotions like joy, forgiveness, love, sexual pleasure and all the ones we commonly crave for in abundance are no longer accessible in its fuller forms. Blocking these emotions, disconnect us from the pain, however, it also disconnects us from deeper connections with ourselves, our partners, and other aspects of life.

    The body also reacts to the conditioning of these emotional ‘safety’ blocks and turn into subconscious physical habits that change how we interact socially, emotionally, and physically in our day to day activities. You may not feel as active . These blocks manifest themselves into dis-ease. Your body and mind can no longer move as freely as it was once capable, emotionally or physically or biologically. It affects your decision making, how you socialize with men, women, friends, lovers etc.

    Dis-ease in the body due to these emotional blocks manifest themselves as back pain, indigestion, headaches, no sleep, menstrual pain, fibroids, pain during sex, no orgasms, emotional imbalances (like being overly angry, suspicious, detached, depressed, self defeating etc.), self sabotage, control issues, unnatural attachments  and other more serious emotional and physical ailments.

    Balancing Repressed or Unprocessed Emotions around things like your parents, your children, old loves, sexual violation of any kind (abuse, molestation, rape, assault, harassment) how you feel about your body and other emotional pains are generally managed in the WOMB (Sexual or Sacral Chakra Area*) and Heart. While there are many variables that source the cause of these physical and emotional ailments (like our diet, physical fitness, sleep, environment etc.), our basic social, sexual, cultural conditioning and emotional repression adds a tremendous push behind how we treat ourselves, how we treat others, what pushes our healthy line of stress, our decision making and creativity in life relating to problem solving and our childlike energy in what we believe to be true and possible beyond our immediate experience.

    This Free Online Healing gives you tools, to move towards reconnecting, clearing and rejuvenating your spiritual womb with Orgasmic Energy.

    **Men can also experience this type of physical manifest of dis-ease in their Prostate (Take a moment to reflect on the statistic: “60% of black men are more likely to acquire prostate cancer  in America as an example.)

    This Free Online 1 hour healing session offers affirmations, physical exercises, and visual meditations to assist in reconnection with Womb and Heart. Be sure to RSVP HERE so you can receive a custom live link to participate. This process helps to move the stagnant energy keeping you from deep passionate energies. This process is open to any gender and can be done solo and with a partner. Bring your body in alignment with your spirit for we are spiritual being first.

    Each color corresponds with specific body organs and emotional patterns. This will help you to be a move thru your own personal time and space. Also, nothing is written in stone and even stone can be smoothed by running water over time. So allow yourself to remain flexible if it allows you more space to be what is true to your core self (which is also ever changing and infinite).You don’t have to remember the chakra names is you find it hard to retain but grouping these qualities with flexibility can help tremendously.



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